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Google and Yahoo are upping their game in 2024

In the on-going battle against spam, Google and Yahoo have announced new standards for 2024 which will help protect their inboxes and reduce spam intrusions. This is great news for legitimate email senders who abide by email best practices. Your business will need to adapt to these new standards or risk non-delivery to the users’ […]

Virtual Kidnapping

Be aware of a New Twist on a Frightening Scam — Virtual Kidnapping. The FBI reports this crime is on the rise. Below are some ways to protect yourself. Don’t Become a Victim The success of any type of virtual kidnapping scheme depends on speed and fear. Criminals know they only have a short time […]

Windows 8.1 End of Life

Windows 8.1 support will end on January 10, 2023 As a reminder, Windows 8.1 will reach end of support on January 10, 2023, at which point technical assistance and software updates will no longer be provided. If you have devices running Windows 8.1, we recommend upgrading them to a more current, in-service, and supported Windows […]

Dymo Printer Proprietary Labels

Dymo Printer Proprietary Labels have RFID chips. This means you are required to purchase Dymo brand labels to run on these news Dymo printers. If you are using custom labels, avoid purchasing the Dymo 550, Dymo 550 Turbo, and Dymo 5XL printers. These printers ONLY use proprietary Dymo labels. These labels have an RFID chip […]

McAfee Agent bug lets hackers run code with Windows SYSTEM privileges

Bleeping Computer’s article from January 21, 2022, states the following: McAfee Enterprise (now rebranded as Trellix) has patched a security vulnerability discovered in the company’s McAfee Agent software for Windows enabling attackers to escalate privileges and execute arbitrary code with SYSTEM privileges. McAfee Agent is a client-side component of McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO) that […]

3G Networks are shutting down in 2022

From the FCC: If your mobile phone is more than a few years old, you may need to upgrade your device before your mobile provider shuts down its 3G network, to avoid losing service. For more information on your mobile providers’ plans for 3G retirement and how you can prepare, contact your provider directly. What […]

Microsoft says M365, cloud services inaccessible due to Azure AD outage

Does not affect users with already active sessions. Microsoft has confirmed issues with its Azure Active Directory service that are preventing a number of users from authenticating to gain access to cloud-based applications and services. The company said in a status advisory that “customers using Azure Active Directory or Microsoft Account may experience authentication issues […]

Tell Apple: Don’t Scan Our Phones

Apple has abandoned its once-famous commitment to security and privacy. The next version of iOS will contain software that scans users’ photos and messages. Under pressure from U.S. law enforcement, Apple has put a backdoor into their encryption system. Sign the EFF petition and tell Apple to stop its plan to scan our phones. Users […]