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Immutability with Fortified Copies

US Service Center Fortified Copies offer a fresh approach to immutability—protecting servers, workstations, and Microsoft 365 backups, without compromising the ease-of-use US Service Center is known for. Immutability became a hot topic in the data protection space when ransomware groups started targeting backups to thwart victims’ recovery attempts. What is Immutable Data Backup? “Immutable” simply […]

Broad VMware Changes

You may already have heard about the acquisition of VMware by Broadcom. High-level summary? They’ve decided to end the sale of perpetual licenses for VMware products, moving to a subscription model/bundling, and reducing the number of Resellers and Cloud Service Providers. Existing contracts will continue to receive support as outlined in their contractual commitments, but […]

Google and Yahoo are upping their game in 2024

In the on-going battle against spam, Google and Yahoo have announced new standards for 2024 which will help protect their inboxes and reduce spam intrusions. This is great news for legitimate email senders who abide by email best practices. Your business will need to adapt to these new standards or risk non-delivery to the users’ […]

AnyDesk Breach – Hackers breached their production servers

The company reports having 170,000 customers, including 7-Eleven, Comcast, Samsung, MIT, NVIDIA, SIEMENS, and the United Nations. Per AnyDesk Incident Response notice: Following our public statement on 2 February 2024 about a cyber incident at AnyDesk, we can assure you that we immediately took all necessary steps to investigate and mitigate the incident and […]

Virtual Kidnapping

Be aware of a New Twist on a Frightening Scam — Virtual Kidnapping. The FBI reports this crime is on the rise. Below are some ways to protect yourself. Don’t Become a Victim The success of any type of virtual kidnapping scheme depends on speed and fear. Criminals know they only have a short time […]