Follow these steps to lower your “paid” America On-Line account to a “free” account.

Many people believe they need to keep paying for AOL to keep their AOL e-mail addresses.  This is not true.  The only reason you are paying is because of a secret AOL does not want anyone to know.  You are still paying for their dial-up service.  99% of the users have a broadband/high-speed internet connections.   STOP paying for AOL dialup and follow these simple steps.

  • Call America On-Line:  800-827-6364
  • Ask to speak with their billing department
  • Tell them you wish to talk with them about your current pricing plan.
  • They will provide you and confirm what you are currently paying
  • Tell them you want to lower your current plan to a “free” account.
  • They will try to convince you to keep the paid services but they will offer a lower priced plan.  Do NOT accept it.  Just tell them you want to lower your current plan to a “free” account.
  • This will occur 2-3 times.  Do not accept any of their offers except the one where your account becomes “free”.
  • This process will take about 5 minutes to complete but you will save between $200-$400 per year.