Cloud Backup Peace-of-Mind

It’s your data.  We help you to keep it that way.

Worldwide data centers

Our Managed On-Line Backup utilizes SSAE compliant or ISO certified data centers located in the US, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Australia.

Secure End-to-end encryption

We want you want to know your data is safe from the moment it leaves your site to the time that it’s encrypted. Our backup does exactly that throughout the entire backup and recovery process, keeping data safe from prying eyes and assisting with tight compliance standards (such as HIPAA).

Backups are encrypted before they ever leave your site – ensuring that only you ever set eyes on it.  Encrypted backups are then transmitted over a secure connection, remaining encrypted until they are finally stored in the cloud.  It’s only once they’re retrieved during recovery – and arrive back at your site where the private key exists – that the backup is decrypted.

Advanced Encryption Standards (AES)

Your most critical data isn’t secured with just any level of encryption.  AES encryption is the method by the government to keep their data secure.  All data is encrypted with the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 128-bit encryption in motion and at rest.

Security-focused storage

Ultra-safe.  Ultra Secure.

Your data is stored in our certified vendor’s data centers worldwide. That is where it stays, regardless of who comes asking for a copy.  Every data center – no matter where in the world – is either SSAE compliant or ISO certified, provides a 99.999% uptime guarantee and has 24/7 physical security.

Fastest recovery.  Always.

Automatically fast, so you can relax.  You need your operations recovered immediately.  Our hybrid approach – with backup storage both locally and in the cloud – allow it to auto-select the fastest recovery source (and it’s not always local) for the given data set.