First, make sure all your audio and recording devices are connected to the computer. If you have auxillary devices such as headphones or headset, connect them now.

Checking Your Settings

Next, in Teams, click on the … menu on the top right, then click on SETTINGS.

How to confirm your Teams devices are connected

Then click on DEVICES

Teams settings devices

Make sure all your selections are correct. If not, make the appropriate changes and then perform the MAKE A TEST CALL to test your selections.

Microsoft Teams audio and speaker settings

Prior to Joining a Meeting

Prior to joining a meeting, you can also verify your audio and video sources.

How to confirm your Teams devices are connected

Hovering on the settings icon will provide you information about the connected devices. In the case below, I know my Microphone is connected to the Logitech BRIO and speaker are my Realtek device.

Microsoft Teams connection to devices

If you need to make any adjustments, click on (1) below and examine the settings at (2).

Teams adjust your devices

Once you have verified these settings, your devices should now be connected, and you will always have a successful meeting.