General Overview of Service

It is a subscription service that lets you run your organization in the cloud while we takes care of the IT for you, managing devices, protecting against real-world threats, and providing your organization with the latest in business software.

What is Business E-Mail

Business e-mail is the ability to have your personalized business e-mail in the cloud and having the peace of mind it is secure. Secure is a total evolution. E-mail security is the most critical of all I.T. related services in your business.

Security in our services include malware scans of e-mails and their attachments plus up to 5 daily backups of your file and folder structures.

All our plans include the syncing of your e-mail, plus calendar, contacts and your tasks. All these are available on all your devices.

Archiving and other compliance features are available.

I have a free e-mail account, why Business E-Mail?

There is not much troubleshooting we can do with a “free” Yahoo, AOL, or G-mail e-mail account.  They do not offer any support, backups, etc.  What do you expect for “free”?!!

Instead of pushing efforts towards a subpar service, let’s put labor towards a superior service.

HIPAA Compliance

Free e-mail accounts such as;;;; are NOT HIPAA compliant. The reason they are not is because the Terms & Conditions of these service providers specifically state you are consenting to them searching your e-mail account. The other reason is the e-mail provider must sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA).

Next Steps

We have simplified the process in 3 easy steps:

  1. Initial Setup
  2. Migration
  3. Support throughout process

Initial Setup

We will make all the adjustments and configuration changes necessary to enable these new services.   Also, we will help setup the new e-mail account onto your computers via telephone or remote session.

E-Mail Migration

E-mail migration is a very delicate process since we want to ensure every e-mail from your old account is transferred to the new service.  We are very meticulous about the process and understand your e-mails are very important.  Since you have older, archived e-mails and e-mails stored in your old account, we will migrate all e-mails from your old service to the new service.  Once these are transferred, we will begin to back up these e-mails on a separate server.  This will ensure the protection of your data. 

Available Options

E-mail encryption is available.

To move forward, have a chat with our support specialist at

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