Ransomware poses a real risk to organizations like yours. One successful attack can halt your business operations and negatively impact your brand and customers.

The primary goal of all ransomware is to gain access and to encrypt the endpoint, our Threat Intelligence software technology is used to learn about ransomware and the attacker’s tactics, techniques, and procedures.  We have developed these best practice recommendations for you to keep ransomware from harming your organization.

4 Levels of Protection we offer:

(1) Employee Education

Employees are the weakest link to your security controls, and ransomware attackers are taking advantage of it. They recognize employees have gaps in their security awareness, and social engineering techniques bait them to click on a link or open an attachment.

(2) Vulnerability Patch Management

Patch management is an important, preventative step to your ransomware protection plan. Ensure you have a strong patch management process with the visibility you need to know which patches are your highest priority.

(3) System Backups

The goal of all ransomware attacks is to encrypt the infected system. When you have a routine backup process for all your systems, you can revert to a prior backup in the case of such an attack.

(4) Adopt Multi-Layered Endpoint Security

Enterprises need strong endpoint security that protects them at all stages of the  ransomware attack chain. Adopt a solution with multiple protection layers for the best practice approach to detect and block ransomware attacks before they happen.

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