How would I get a web-site?

Having a web-site comes in three parts:

  • > Part 1: domain name registration (registering the name to you)
  • > Part 2: domain hosting (what you see when you navigate to the site)
  • > Part 3: domain e-mail hosting (e-mail, self-explanatory)

You can own the name in part 1, but without web-hosting, part 2, you could not publish to it.  Web-Hosting is the key component to begin to “see” your web-site. Email hosting, part 3, enables you to have a professional email address using your domain. For example uses our domain as the last portion of the email address.

What is a domain name?

The domain name is shown in this example in bold:

  • >
    The domain name would be the last portion of an e-mail after the @ symbol
  • >
    The domain name would be the portion of a web-site address after either http:// https:// and in some cases http://www. and https://www.
How do I register a domain name?

Registering a domain name is an annual license. As long as you continue paying the domain registration you will own the rights to use the name. This annual registration fee is about $20/year.

You can register a domain name click here.

I have web-site hosting, how do I create the content for it?

Once your hosting is setup, you will have a blank slate to create any web-site you wish to create. There are many options for building web-sites. The best starting point is to speak with one of our web-design specialists.

What is required to get a business e-mail address?

Have a business e-mail address will require two items

  • > A registered domain name
  • > E-Mail hosting
What is a business e-mail address?

A business e-mail address uses your registered domain name to provide you the ability for a personalized, branded e-mail address. For more information about e-mail services click here.

I already own a domain name, how can I order e-mail hosting?

You can order e-mail hosting from US Service Center. We are e-mail hosting experts with plans starting at $5*/month.

For more information, contact our specialists at or click here.

*Some plans are based on annual pricing and with minimum quantity requirements.