Test your high-speed internet connection bandwidth to locations around the US with this interactive broadband speed-test tool. The Internet Speed Test tools below will help examine your internet speeds.


For the most accurate results:

  • > Run this speed test from a computer that’s wired computer to your ISP-supplied router.
  • > Before testing, turn off any VPN, online backup services, and streaming services on all your devices (phones, tablets, smart TVs).

Below are the Internet Speed Tests

These Internet Speed Test are to provide you a general guide of your internet speeds. Your current internet speeds can depend on several factors. To test internet speeds over 80 Mbps, it is best to test using your ethernet connection directly into the ISP equipment.

The following test sites will redirect to the third-party providers.

Frontier Internet Speed Test

Spectrum Internet Speed Test

AT&T Internet Speed Test

Xfinity Internet Speed Test

Google Fiber Internet Speed Test

Ookla Internet Speed Test

Fast Internet Speed Test

If you are a business client, it is always best to contact your I.T. specialist or contact us to perform these tests.