We help you avoid the pain associated with email-based cyberattacks and give you the ability to utilize your business email with confidence, knowing that your email security is being maintained continuously and managed professionally.

Our solution uses uses
machine learning to spot anomalies and
deal with malicious emails
before they can wreak havoc.

Why Email Security Is So Important for Your Business Email leaves your organization vulnerable to attack

Benefits of Partnering with Us

  • A full team of IT security professionals on your side
  • The latest in advanced email security tools and protocols
  • An easily budgeted, cost-effective subscription payment for your email security.
  • A partner to help you deal with unanticipated negative IT events.
  • Peace of mind and confidence in your email security readiness

Key Features of Our Service

  • Threat protection – scanning outgoing, incoming, and internal emails
  • Email continuity – delivering email access even if email servers go down
  • More control – managing your email flowthrough access and permission levels
  • Microsoft 365TM integration – utilizing your Microsoft 365 email applications while still under the email security umbrella
  • Data loss prevention – compressing, storing, encrypting emails in transit and at rest
  • Compliance management – tailoring protocols to meet industry and legislative requirements

Useful Statistics

  • 66% of malware is installed via malicious email attachments.1
  • 96% of phishing attacks arrive by email.22
  • 30% of phishing messages are opened.3
  • Almost 20% of all employees are likely to click on phishing email links. Among those that click on phishing email links, 67.5% actually put their email login information into the spurious website. That amounts to 13.4% of employees who are likely to give away their company access credentials to cybercriminals.4

Target Market

This solution is designed for any business. However, it is most attractive to those businesses that are heavily dependent upon email communications in the running of their daily operations.

What we do:

We deploy, maintain, and manage a full-featured email security solution that helps keep cybercriminals from using email as an entry point into your company.

Why we do it:

Email is one of the communications pillars of business today. As a result, cybercriminals are trying to leverage email communications to their advantage. We want to assist you in protecting this mission-critical communications asset within your organization.

How we do it:

We partner with best-of-breed email security solutions providers, sourcing only proven technologies to put in place within your IT environment. Once those protective tools and protocols are in place, we manage, maintain, and monitor them, providing you with 24/7 email security.

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