We can provide you a complete, turnkey tracking solution for transportation fleets of all sizes.  It takes traditional GPS tracking to the next level by integrating with new Microsoft Azure- based cloud & IoT technologies, enabling organizations of any size to implement an affordable and flexible solution to track any vehicle or asset for less.

We can provide solutions to large logistics companies.

Track everything from vehicles to valuables

Our solution takes traditional vehicle tracking to the next level by integrating any kind of GPS data with the power of the cloud so you can track everything from trucks to pets.

Why our tracking solution?

Our solution is a complete tracking solution for fleets of all sizes that takes traditional GPS tracking to the next level by integrating with new cloud technologies. Now, it’s simple to add GPS and cellular tracking to any vehicle or asset to get real-time location tracking, theft detection, maintenance scheduling, remote diagnostics data, and more. In one, extremely affordable solution, you can get the flexibility you need—regardless of how small or big your fleet is, or you want to track items that are not vehicles.

  • Affordable tracking
    One of the most cost-effective solutions on the market—without sacrificing service or functionality.
  • Flexible solutions
    A diverse product portfolio with a wide choice in product size, battery life, and optional add-on sensors.
  • Tracking for any asset
    Ideal for any company that has assets that need to be tracked —whether they’re vehicles, anything with wheels, or even fixed goods.
Tracking scenarios
  • Trucking
    Small fleets, and large fleets
  • General transportation
    Vehicles, storage containers, and goods on pallets, crates, etc.
  • Leisure vehicle rental
    Electric bikes, mopeds and scooters, motorcycles, luxury cars, paddleboats and more.
  • Other high value assets
    Luggage, construction equipment, lawnmowers, large-power generators, ground-support equipment, mobile food carts, pets, and much more.
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