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Common Scam Types

Common Scam Types will prepare you and heighten your awareness of these types of scams. Payment Scams Exercise caution if you encounter situations where you’re pressured to make a purchase in exchange for compensation, or if someone offers to handle a payment on your behalf or provides bank account details for payment purposes. If an […]

Shipment-Delivery Scams spreading Malware

Threat actors are increasingly using scams that spoof package couriers like DHL or the U.S. Postal Service in authentic-looking phishing emails which attempt to dupe victims into downloading credential-stealing or other malicious payloads. The emails used to deliver Trickbot include official USPS branding as well as details such as third-party social-media logos from Facebook, Instagram, […]

Social Engineering Alert

Cybercriminals are mailing USB devices to unsuspecting companies. These malicious USB devices include teddy bears or gift cards. After the USB device is plugged in, the malicious USB device automatically infects the computer. Do not plug in any unknown USB devices to any computer system. If you do receive a package, the contact us immediately.

17 Apple Apps infected with clicker Trojan malware

The clicker Trojan module discovered in this group of applications is designed to carry out ad fraud-related tasks in the background, such as continuously opening web pages or clicking links without any user interaction. Malware Objective The objective of most clicker trojans is to generate revenue for the attacker on a pay-per-click basis by inflating […]