January 29, 2018

For all our clients on our Pro-Active Services and Security Platform, we have been pushing out updates these vulnerabilities which include patching for Meltdown and the Spectre variant 1.  Spectre variant 2 requires additional on-site work and a further discussion.  Microsoft has halted any further Intel updates through the latest Microsoft patch because the Intel patches are causing dead and unresponsive computers.

Google research labs has stated there have been no known breaches to date with these vulnerabilities.  We are working closely with the different computer manufacturers to ensure any updates performed will be planned and executed properly.

If you are on our subscription plan, we will continue to perform Microsoft Windows patches.  Those of you with older operating systems no longer supported by Microsoft, those machines will not be patched.

At this point, we are waiting for the manufacturers and developers to produce, test and validate their updates.