Internet scams are on the rise, but that does not mean you need to be a victim. Social engineering scams have existed throughout history. Social engineering is a practice of deceiving people to obtain valuable information and/or money. 

The FBI says it is seeing a record spike in internet scams — with 800,000 reports in 2020 alone. Now, the scams are getting much more complicated, with victims stating they never saw it coming. 

This video shows a business being social engineered through a bad actor’s fake bank website. Before they knew it, by the next day, their account was overdrawn, and the criminals stole over $250,000. This stemmed from the victim opening a spoofed bank site from their new computer and, because of the successful social engineering campaign, the bad actors were given full access to the victim’s real bank accounts.  

This brings up the importance of having proper I.T. practices in place prior to deploying any workstations and I.T. equipment. We help our clients prepare and protect their computers and technology to mitigate against these types of attacks. If you need any assistance with your business, we are here to help. 

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