Victims are targeted, either the entity responsible for payroll changes or individual employees, with a phishing e-mail requesting updates to their account.

The e-mail will appear to be a legitimate request for changes in the paycheck remittance financial location.

Victims may be unaware changes are made to their accounts until they do not receive their regularly scheduled paycheck.

Avoid this from happening to you

If your anyone requests any types of changes or requests for wire transfers from their accounting department , make sure to have proper procedures in place.

Apply these procedures immediately

Here are a couple procedures which are easily applied to any business:

  • Call: At minimum, this procedure would be to get verbal authorization from the requesting party via telephone. Your staff member calls a verified number and not any telephone number on an e-mail.
  • Physical Verification: walk over the the persons desk and physically verify the request was authorized by them.

What else can you do?

Technologically, there are other ways US Service Center can protect and mitigate such events from happening. This includes e-mail identity verifications which would prevent these phishing e-mails from ever reaching your accounting department and a series of employee education events. These protections have proven to help prevent such events from ever occurring.

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