Let’s fight fraud together. Follow these simple steps to protect yourself

Here are some ways to protect yourself from fraud occurring daily.
Protect yourself. Protect your information. Protect your money.

  1. If you get a suspicious call, email, or text, don’t disclose any personal information until you verify it’s from a legitimate source. If you have any doubt, contact the company directly.
  2. Only allow remote access to your computer when you’ve initiated the contact with a company you know through a verified phone number or website.
  3. Always protect your card and account PIN. Be sure it is not easily guessable, do not enter it on a non-associated financial institution’s website, and remember that financial institutions will never ask for it.
  4. Set up 2-factor authentication (multiple ways to identify yourself), aka MFA (multi-factor authentication) with the companies you work with to help keep your device and money secure.
  5. If you suspect one of your accounts has been compromised, immediately change your user ID and password for your account and other important accounts by contacting the financial institutions directly.
Stay vigilant